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Welcome to the Friends of Granger Paths Website.  Since 2004, our shared vision to build multi-use paths in Granger, Indiana has been underway. Many thought it would never happen. As a result of your commitment, the first phase of the Adams Road Path is COMPLETE and we are working through the final details of Phases 1B & 1C to connect with the Gumwood Road Path.

Phases 1B & 1C of Adams Road Path will continue west along the north side of Adams Road from Elm Road to Fir Road. At Fir the path will switch over to the south side of Adams and then continue on to the Gumwood Road multi-use path.

This connection will allow our community to safely connect to the soccer fields, Knollwood Country Club, the library, shopping at Granger Station and Toscana Park and Mary Frank and Northpoint Elementary schools without ever getting into a car.

IMPORTANT UPDATE    To all who sponsored and participated in our 11th Annual 5K and 1Mile Fun Run we are thrilled to report that we are very close to our $200,000 goal!  As with all construction projects there are some unexpected delays so we do not anticipate construction to begin until Spring of 2017.

WE NEED YOUR INPUT   Now that we can see the completion of the Adams Road Path your input is essential to how or if  we move forward with paths. Please paste the URL l below into your browser to let us know where you would like to see the next phase and how you can help make the vision a reality!

To contribute or for more information on making a tax deductible donation to Friends of Granger Paths go to: Fund Phase 1B & Phase 1C page.

If you’d like to volunteer your time to help your community please contact us at:

Our meetings are held bi-monthly at 6:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at Martin’s Supermarket Heritage Square. Our next meeting will be October 4th, 2016. If you would like to meet prior to our monthly meeting feel free to contact us at:

  See YOU on the path!
Friends of Granger Paths


8 thoughts on “Friends of Granger Paths Website

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your query (and sorry for the late reply, we have been having many web communication issues). We do not work on off road bike trails. I do know that there are some groups that do that and one of the South Bend parks on the south end of town has some trails. Here are the resources that I have:
      Hoosier Mountain Bike Association
      We have contributed to NIMBA
      Central Indiana Bicycling Association – Home
      Indiana Bicycle Trails –‎

  1. I live in Quail Valley and have such a hard time reaching the paths on Gumwood.
    Could you consider a path from the Quail Valley entrance or Brendan Hills entrance to Gumwood.

    1. Hi Patty,
      Thanks for your query (and sorry for the late reply, we have been having many web communication issues). We will put your suggestion into the pot. IF you could be a bit more specific we would appreciate it. Which Brendan Hills entrance do you refer to? Same for Quail Valley. Thank you again!

  2. I am a roller-blader – I know, very 90’s right? I am very curious why the paths are made of cement rather than asphalt. Its seems to me that a simple asphalt trail, such as the one that follows the west side of the St. Joe river from Darden to Edison, would be less expensive and quicker to create. Plus – and this reason is selfish – an asphalt trail is much smoother, with no clunky seams to trip up small wheels. I would love to roller blade out of my neighborhood and onto a trail without having to get in my car and drive to a trail, and it seems that the most important consideration for FGP would be to get as much path as possible for a given sum of money, rather than shorter paths that are more expensive. I have never been in charge of the construction of a path, so I admit that I am assuming a cost difference. Am I right about this?

  3. Hi, I live in Granger at 10085 Helena Dr. Off of Ash rd. I wish a path would include Ash rd. all the way to Oceola . Since Walmart has opened on US 20 there have been more pedestrians walking and biking along Ash. Many are Elkhart and Oceola residents . Is there away to include us on your wonderful mission. It would be great to walk or bike all the way down Ash rd.

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thanks for you nice comment about our mission!
      We agree that including your area would be absolutely fabulous and is much needed out in that direction of St Joseph County. We are concentrating at this time on completing the Adams Road path but after we will reassess our mission.

      We work as a partner with the County and ultimately they have the last say in what Federal grants we can apply for or if there are road improvements to be made whether they will apply for Federal grants to include paths in those road improvements (all Federal grants are matched by either a county, city or in our case, private group) The way the County allocates their attention to an area is by hearing from residents about the needs that they want to see fulfilled. Please contact our county and our state officials to let them know your concerns. You can give them a call at the numbers below.
      County Commissioner Andy Kostielney (574) 235-9534
      County Council Jamie O’Bien (574) 235 9658
      State Rep Dale DeVon (800)-382-9842
      We will make sure that we keep your comment!
      Thank You

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